Spoke Amnesty – Trade In Program

How many spokes to you have laying around, left over from jobs, complete years ago, kept just in case you might need them?

Why keep them gathering dust and taking up valuable space? Trade them in against a credit with us that you can redeem for the exact size and quantity you need, no wastage and next day delivery. Whats not to like?

We are opening our trade in programme for any amount of spokes, from Sapim or DT Swiss, in black or silver. We’ll take any length, all you need to do is divide your collection up to match the products we have listed and weigh what you have. Complete the checkout and post us the spokes. If you need a postage label, we can arrange that no problem. We have discount rates with major suppliers.

As soon as your package arrives with us, we’ll verify what you’ve sent and apply the credit to your account straight away. You credit wont expire, and you can use as little or as much of it in at any time as you need. You can even use it against postage, so no money need change hands until your credit runs out.

Brilliant idea! How do I get involved? First of all you need a trade account – we will open the program up to the public once we deal with the initial demand from the trade.

Once your trade account is activated, then you’ll see