E-Bike Spokes

Custom cut E-Bike spokes and electric bike spokes. Cut to almost any length! We have 12g (2.6mm), 13g (2.3mm) plain gauge spokes. We also have 12g to 13g and 13g to 14g (2mm) butted e-bike spokes. Our Sapim and Pillar electric bike spokes are available in both black and silver.

If you have a special rim you would like to use on a wheel build or you just want to upgrade the spokes on your existing wheel, then we can produce a custom cut spokes to any length you require between 46mm and 310mm.

All our electric bike spokes are made from stainless steel, to give you years of reliable service when build correctly.

If you require help of which spoke type you need, then please do contact us. We can’t advise of spoke lengths for specific setups, but we can point you in the direction of some very good spoke calculators.

At present all our e-bike spokes are threaded to 56 tpi.