How to Measure Spokes

To allow us to cut spokes to size we will need to know what length spoke you require. If you are replacing a broken spoke you can measure the broken one. Ideally this would be done with a spoke ruler but can also be measured from the inside of the J-Bend all the way to the end of the thread on spoke.

Spoke Length

How to measure spokes

If you are building a new wheel you will need to measure the hub and rim to determine the length of spoke. Here is a selection of spoke calculators you can use to determine spoke length.

Once you have determined the spokes size see our selection of spokes cut to length.

Spoke Diameter

Spoke diameter is either measured in MM or gauge.

15 gauge = 1.8mm

14 gauge = 2mm

13 gauge = 2.3mm

12 gauge – 2.6mm

Spoke Construction

Spokes are either plain gauge or butted in some fashion. You’ll need to know what type you want before you order.

Plain Gauge – The wire is the same diameter for the whole length

Butting – refers to a part of the spoke where the diameter changes.

There are options for plain gauge, single butted, double butted or triple butted.

Spoke Head

This is how the spoke interacts with the hub. It will either be a J Bend or Straight Pull. There are a few whees out there with a T-Head, though these are rare.

If in any doubt please give us a call on 01202 424945 or have a spoke professionally measured.